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The Highways and Byways to Medical School

So when it comes to colleges I noticed that there is a definite east coast vs. west coast divide. Check out this map of the top 60 medical schools in United States as ranked by U.S. News and World Report in 2007. It looks like more than likely I’ll need to bundle up for some cold weather since the majority seems to be in north. Looks like Harvard is number one with Johns Hopkins coming at a close second. Both schools have a tuition of about $40,000 per year! Interestinglly, Uof Texas Health Science Center in Houston is ranked at number 60 and has a tuition of almost $25,000 per year.  So it looks like if I go to Texas I can get a medical degree, be called doctor, and have a student loans of about half of that of Harvard and Hopkins. This makes me wonder, does having a medical degree from Harvard make a difference?

Map of Top 60 Medical Schools

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